Whosoever Will

One of the books I am reading is Whosoever Will by David L. Allen and Steve W Lemke.  I’m sure it is a controversial book in some circles, but I wanted to read it, partly because I am a Baptist worshipping with Presbyterians.  From the publisher’s website comes this description:

“Arising from the John 3:16 Conference held in late 2008 at First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia, Whosoever Will presents a biblical-theological assessment of and response to five-point Calvinism. Baptist leaders offering an alternative to the doctrine’s TULIP tenets include Paige Patterson (Total Depravity), Richard Land (Unconditional Election), David Allen (Limited Atonement), Steve Lemke (Irresistible Grace), and Kenneth Keathley (Perseverance of the Saints).”

I have always had trouble reconciling free will with predestination.  I believe they are both true because that is what I read in the Bible.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I am not distressed by it.  All the best and most profound things revealed in the Bible are mysterious.  Still, I want to increasingly “love the Lord [my] God with all [my] heart, and soul and mind,” and reading this is pursuant to that goal.

Recently, celebrating five years since the book was published Dr. Allen said this about the book:

“Regardless of which side of the theological aisle you are on, it would be a helpful read to aid you in understanding what and why those of us who are not Calvinists believe as we do and why we have concerns about some aspects of Reformed soteriology.”  http://drdavidlallen.com/baptist/whosoever-will-5-years-later/


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