John Steuart Curry

I recently discovered an artist, John Steuart Curry, whose work I wish I could share with my Dad, who was also a native of Kansas. A copy of Curry’s painting, “Tornado Over Kansas” caught my eye in Wall Street Journal’s John J. Miller article “Peril, Present and Pending” (June 25, 2021). According to Miller, Curry described the painting “as a scene of ‘how we used to beat it for the cellar before the storm hit.'”

Miller, in art critic form, continues on to describe how he sees the painting (completed around the time of the stock-market crash) as a “powerful metaphor for an economic cataclysm to come.” Hm. Could be, or perhaps it could just be about the storm.

Another of Curry’s paintings I think my Dad would appreciate is this one, “Baptism in Kansas.” At Dad’s home there was a similar water trough and windmill behind the house. And the topography is the same, of course.

Baptism in Kansas

John Steuart Curry was named Artist in Residence at University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1936 and remained there the last ten years of his life. There is another interesting WSJ article regarding his time in Wisconsin and his art,

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