Bach: Now Thank We All Our God

Yesterday our music director, Dr. Mary McKee played a familiar Bach tune as the postlude. Here is her music note about the arrangement:

“The postlude is a majestic and exuberant arrangement of “Now Thank We All Our God” by J. S. Bach which he wrote for his Cantata No. 79. Virgil Fox, the flamboyant concert organist, then took Bach’s setting and adapted it for organ.  The original tune heard in fragments on the bold solo stops can’t be missed over Bach’s countermelody. ” 

Our neighborhood Episcopal church also heard the same piece of music yesterday because their music director, Mary’s husband, Dr. Tim McKee, also played it. The two organs are quite different, the one at St. Peter’s is a wonderful pipe organ, unlike ours, which is a very nice electric one. The music is glorious!

Here are links to both streamed services, with the time stamps for the postludes.  Postlude at 1:05:40  Postlude at 1:09:20

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