I was raised in a Sabbath keeping family, a Sabbath keeping church, Seventh Day Baptist.  As an adult I have spent most of my life where I could not be a part of such a church.  That was not bad because it caused me to think about what I believed and why.  I still believe God blesses the Sabbath in a different way than he does the rest of the week.  I do not think it is A, or THE critical thing required to be a believer in Christ.  But, it IS one of the 10 commandments….the only one most think is no longer commanded.  I understand the arguments and logic of fellow Christians who say the idea that Sabbath has been fulfilled in Christ.  But what I have observed in myself as well as a lot (really most Christians I know) is that when we don’t keep Sabbath we lose the sense that it is a sacred 24 hours, kept as a reminder that we are in debt to a holy, loving, merciful and redeeming God.  I need to be reminded of that at least once  a week.  Thank God for the Sabbath.


1 thought on “Sabbath

  1. Amen, I agree. I was a Baptist growing up, however, now I am a Seventh Day Adventist. I don’t know the difference between Seventh Day Baptist and Seventh Day Adventist. I do know we keep the Sabbath.


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