Tasha Tudor and Old-Fashioned Flowers

One of my friends recently bought me a book that she said “I knew you would like”, and she was right.  It is about Tasha Tudor, who I first knew as a children’s book illustrator.  Here is a timeline of her life and art.  I have at least one of the books she enriched with her whimsical art, A Child’s Garden of Verses, printed the year I was born.

The book I received, The Private World of Tasha Tudor, has some beautiful photographs taken of her and her home environment.  Apparently Tudor spent most of her life living simply, very much in the Victorian style and manner, a time period that has always fascinated me, especially the clothing, textile arts, and culture.

From the book (both the picture of foxglove and the commentary):IMG_2563.jpg

Because I gardened as a little girl and my mother and grandmother were passionate gardeners before me, I grew up with flowers, knew them all by their look and feel, and called them by all their old colloquial names.  Dames’s rocket, sweet William, monkshood, and meadow rue- the old-fashioned names are so much prettier.  Delphinium were always called Larkspur. Clematis autumnale was virgin’s bower.  The sound of “foxglove” is so much pleasanter than “digitalis.”

I agree.




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