Mickey Mousing All Those Nice Characters

More from The Private World of Tasha Tudor:


My education, such as it was, revolved around books.  Aunt Gwen read aloud to us as only she could until ten or eleven every night, and then we went to school at eight the next morning, but it didn’t seem to affect us.  She read us all of Scott and Dickens, Wilkie Collins, and Conan Doyle.  I was conversant with Huckleberry Finn and The Mysterious Stranger from the age of seven.

Of course we were brought up on Beatrix Potter, and I loved The Wind in the Willows.  That was one of my father’s favorite books.  Walt Disney should be sued for cheapening it as he did.  Imagine it, Mickey Mousing all those nice characters.  I’m surprised he didn’t do it with the New Testament.

There are certain books that you enjoy as a child, but when you read them again as an adult you find there’s nothing to them.  But then there are others that you get just as much pleasure out of: Gulliver’s Travels, The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, Robinson Crusoe, and especially Moby-Dick.  That book has been ruined by teachers!  The pictures it creates in your mind you never forget.  You can even smell the food of the inn in the opening chapter.  When I read a story, I see it like a movie, moving and all in color.  Books are very real to me.  I greatly admire Emily Dickinson, who said, “There is no Frigate like a Book/To take us Lands away.”

I still haven’t read Moby-Dick, and I never before heard of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys beautiful things, whether they are ideas or physical objects.  It is more of a browsing, than a read through sort of book, more than half of the 129 pages are photographs, and many pages have a Tudor illustration.

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