A Road Trip Gift

Over the last couple of days I drove up the east coast from Georgia to Rhode Island.  I have always enjoyed driving trips and I do not mind at all being alone in the car.  I especially enjoy the time to just think, listen to music, and let my mind wander without interruption.  Sounds pretty self centered, and I admit it is.
This trip was lovely.  I was ready to leave the becoming hot and humid Deep South.  When I arrived in  North Carolina I enjoyed their wildflower plantings, first gloriosa daisies, then poppies, and finally lupines…all lovely.  I do love Virginia, but what you see along interstate 95 is not the prettiest part.  I did enjoy a few farm scenes, and then, especially loved passing near to the Stonewall Jackson shrine, which I have visited in the past.  By the time I approached Washington D.C. the traffic had intensified (not unusual, even for a Saturday) and it was stop and go for a long time.  But then I had a gift….on the bridge where the views over to the shrines and capitol are clearest I was the only vehicle in sight so I had the pleasure of looking around and enjoying the views without worrying about hitting a car.  It really was a gift because I love those monuments and buildings.
This morning, through much of New Jersey I witnessed a beautiful, peaceful overcast sky that just couldn’t hide the splendor of the sun which highlighted the clouds and sprayed incredible rays over the entire landscape…for miles and miles I saw it.  New York City was a delight too…by the time I was in Elizabeth, NJ. And it continued over the GW bridge.  Then when I got to Fairfield, CT I had a wonderful surprise…wisteria….twice!!  So much beauty in a lot of places.
This morning I listened to the Elvis radio channel for a while, which I rarely do any more.  They played a couple of his more religious songs, “How Great Thou Art” and “An Evening Prayer.”  I thought about how main stream it was to sing things like that in the early 1970s.  Today it is not generally socially acceptable to talk about the magnificence of God and how we need forgiveness ….subjects of those songs.  It made me sad because when we lose our understanding of how far above us our God is we also lose our felt need to be forgiven.  Then we are lost.  But I am very thankful for a special trip that felt like a personal gift from someone who loves me.

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