A Migrant Group of Sabbatarians



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I have a wonderful book of piano solos which are simplified versions of classic hymns and music.  I just played through “The Palms” which I used to love hearing (and singing) at Easter time in the Ashaway, RI church where I spent most of my growing up years.  Thinking about the choir there, I remembered Mr. Crandall who sang with us in the earlier years.  I think he was Dr. Albert Crandall, but I am not sure.  So I looked him up on-line.  Nothing looked related to him so I added “Seventh Day Baptist” and up popped a nice article mentioning Crandalls, some of whom I am pretty sure were his relatives.  So, especially for my Seventh Day Baptist family and friends, here is a link to the brief article in a 2011 American Ancestors magazine. From the beginning of it:

Do you have relatives from Salem, West Virginia? What about Janesville, Wisconsin; Denver, Colorado; Piscataway, New Jersey; Berlin or Alfred, New York; or Woodbridgetown, Pennsylvania? These disparate places were all home to migrant groups of Sabbatarians, or Seventh Day Baptists (hereafter SDB), many of whom can be traced back to Rhode Island families of the late seventeenth century.This article will briefly summarize the history of Seventh Day Baptists in the United States, explain how they differed from other religious groups, and describe the relevant genealogical records.

My own family has ties to Salem, West Virginia, and all the way back to those early Seventh Day Baptists in America.


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