Screenshot 2019-03-28 09.56.42.pngFried Beauty

Glory be to God for breaded things—
   Catfish, steak finger, pork chop, chicken thigh,
         Sliced green tomatoes, pots full to the brim
With french fries, fritters, life-float onion rings,
    Hushpuppies, okra golden to the eye,
            That in all oils, corn or canola, swim
Toward mastication’s maw (O molared mouth!);
    Whatever browns, is dumped to drain and dry
             On paper towels’ sleek translucent scrim,
These greasy, battered bounties of the South:
                            Eat them.
A couple of evenings ago I had two of these fried beauties (green tomatoes and hush puppies) and one of my favorites, that Gwynn ignored, oysters.  If you are ever in the Savannah area I recommend Pearl’s Saltwater Grille, where the seafood is always fresh and the hush puppies are the best in the south.
View from the table:
Thanks to Patrick Kurp for the reference.

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