God Be in My Understanding

I am still reading A Good Old Age, which I have mentioned before here. From the chapter “U is for Understanding” :

One of the benefits of old age ought to be increased wisdom and understanding.  But that is not true to experience because life can be a record of failures, mistakes and the sorrow they have brought.  But thank God that even through these sadnesses we may have learned important lessons that we can share with others.

Some of the things Pastor Prime thinks we should understand:

Understand that, old as we are, we should still be growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Understand that the Scriptures are to be our unfailing guide until our life’s end.

Understand the pressures and challenges faced by the generations following us.

Understand others by sympathizing with what you know of their difficult circumstances and challenges.

Understand that increasing limitations and frustrations are inevitable in old age.

Understand that–just as in every stage of life–when dealing with every problem or challenge we face, we are [to] be guided by the Scriptures.

He closes with an “anonymous prayer for a life of service.”  I recognized it right away because it has been set to music and is a favorite of mine:

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