Tremendous Words of God’s Presence and Security

My choir will be singing this (a slightly different version) in a few weeks at our Kirkin’ of the Tartan service.   Here is the text we will use:

I to the hills will lift mine eyes,
  from whence doth come my aid.
My safety cometh from the Lord,
  who heav’n and earth hath made.
Thy foot He’ll not let slide, nor will
  He slumber that thee keeps.
Lo, He that keepeth Israel,
  He slumbers not, nor sleeps.
The Lord thee keeps, the Lord thy shade
  on thy right hand doth stay:
The moon by night thee shall not smite,
  nor yet the sun by day.
The Lord shall keep thee from all ill;
  He shall preserve thy soul,
The Lord, as thou shalt go and come
  forever keeps thee whole.
                                           Words adapted from the Scottish Psalter, based on Psalm 21


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