Some of Harry’s Story


Harry Knutson’s family shared this about Harry’s life:

Harry Knutson, 93, died in his sleep on the evening of February 23rd while residing in his apartment at the Marshes in Savannah, Georgia.  Harry was born in the Bronx, New York and moved to City Island at age 3.  He loved the ocean, swimming, sailing and scuba diving.  He was an outstanding student and was able to enter Brooklyn Polytechnic University at age 16 for a BS in Chemistry.  He joined the Navy in 1942 and served in the South Pacific as a radioman.  After being discharged from the Navy in 1946, he returned to City Island.  On a blind date, he met the love of his life, Ruth, and they were married in 1947.  He finished his studies at the university in 1949 and then started work at Allied Chemical and Dye Corp, in Morristown, NJ as a research chemist.  He maintained loyalty to this company for the next 40 years.  While working there he obtained a Masters Degree in Chemistry.  He started in positions of Technical Management and ended his career with Allied in 1988 in Technical Licensing Worldwide.  Late in his career he served a 4 year stent in Japan as vice president of a joint venture between Allied and Mitsui Corporation.  With this venture, he developed a new amorphous metal product called Metglass.  After retirement and having his fill of northern winters, he moved to Savannah to the Landings and finally the Marshes.
Harry and Ruth have 2 sons, Eric and Gary.  They took the family to church regularly and this is a heritage that his sons live out today.  Dad took them on many adventures.  His love of the water was contagious and all learned to swim, snorkel, fish, row and sail.  He was a licensed scuba diver and built his own compressor and fabricated his own wet suit.  Fascinated with geology, the family went on many rock hounding excursions.  We still have boxes of rocks in the basement.  The love of chemistry also never left his blood and the boys had “chemistry sets” that could make anything from nylon to explosions.  His adventurous spirit was not limited to stateside.  He and Ruth visited many foreign countries in Europe and Asia all of which he loved to photograph.
He was a great husband and father.  God greatly blessed our family.
Harry and Ruth in 1947

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