A Time to Re-soul

I find it too easy to read quickly over familiar passages assuming I know the meaning without much, if any, further thought (it is so obvious!).  Reading this from Dr. Paul Manuel, in Time to Reboot gave me a much richer, almost concrete, way to understand the idea of renewal in the gift of the Sabbath.

Whereas rest is a common reason to keep the Sabbath, God mentions another reason that is not common. In addition to rest…

B. It is for renewal.8

He says the individual will “be refreshed,” rejuvenated. Those are common terms in English, and they are good translations of the Hebrew. The Hebrew word, however, is unusual, at least the form it takes here, because a common noun—the word for “soul”—has become a verb, literally “to re-soul” as if the benefit this day brings affects the very core of one’s being (emphasis added).

Endnotes 8 and 9 from the PDF:
Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 11.20.36 AM.png

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