Sentimentality at Christmas


I love Christmas traditions too, those I know first hand, and others that I have only heard, or read about.  Especially I enjoy knowing the history and significance of them.  However, I think this is worth thinking about:

Falling into Sentimentality

I love the Christmas tree with the family gathering together to decorate it, but I wish that we were like the French (and many other) who do their gift-giving on Epiphany, with the coming of the Wise Men, and keep christmas Day itself as a holy day.  We forget the holiness and fall into sentimentality over the tiny baby in the stable.  Who is that tiny baby?  Even the Creator, almighty and terrible and incomprehensible!

And this, also from Madeleine L’Engle’s little book, Miracle on 10th Street:

This Tiny Baby

Whoever is the baby?
Nothing but a little lamb
Who says God is and that I am.
Who is this tiny baby?
Just an infant, meek and mild,
just a feeble, mortal child.
Who is this tiny baby?
The Lord strong and mighty
even the Lord mighty in battle.
The king of glory’s coming
who is this
even the Lord of Hosts
This is the tiny baby!

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