Dispelling the Night


More from Brown’s wonderful little book in my last post (and doesn’t this sound contemporary?):

Ours is an age of a lot of noise and very little light.  A prevalent heresy is the foolish notion that the loudest word carries farthest and lives longest.  Noise is especially characteristic of those who would have us believe theirs is the only way.  There is so much that blares at us today that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the light, to know the truth, and to make responsible individual judgments.

There is a beautiful contrast between light and noise.  You watch the sun rising in the east, quietly stealing into the sky, dispelling the night, and gently waking all nature to life and loveliness.  It does not shout.  It does not cry aloud.  It moves silently across the world, transforming it.

My father double underlined this next section:

And so it is with Jesus.  He is not the Big Noise that shatters our individual judgment.  He is the Light which enables us to see things more clearly, and to exercise our discernment more intelligently.  “In Thy light we see light.”

We are bewildered as we ponder our gross human situation.  We ask God, Why?  His clearest answer comes, not in the form of a logical syllogism….but in the form of a Son.  He whispers to our seeking hearts, “I am the Way” (John 14:6).  Despite our limitations, when we accept Him as the Way, we discover, to our joy, that He is also the Light.  We do not rise to spiritual heights by pouring over self-improvement guidebooks, but by sitting at His feet.

I hoped to capture that idea of seeing everything through the light of  God when I titled my blog  Into the Liquid Light (the phrase taken from C.S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength).  Looking back, I didn’t consider the profound silence of light.  That is something to think about.




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