Our God-Given Moment

Bruce Ashford urges gives five compelling reasons why disappointed Christians should remain involved in politics and public life.  They are good reasons and are anchored in the fact that, as he says, we aren’t called to win, but to be witnesses.

He concludes:

Evangelicals, this is the era of American history into which we were born. This is when the Lord determined would be best for us to serve him. Will we waste it by walking away in despair? Will we squander it by engaging out of fear and anger? Or will we embrace the opportunity—remembering whom we serve and where our hope resides?

We must choose the latter. We can’t let our losses and disappointments drive us to apathy, resignation, and withdrawal. But at the same time, we can’t discredit our witness by living in the kind of self-righteous outrage and perpetual hatred that political activism often fosters.

We must engage in politics and public life with a renewed sense of purpose, acting out of grace and joy rather than anger and fear. We must pray for wisdom and courage to speak faithfully in our own era, just as other Christians have done in theirs. And if we choose this path, the path of Christian witness, we might even see it eventuate in the social, cultural, and political renewal we so fervently seek. This is our God-given moment. Let’s not waste it.


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