For the Glory of God

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Alistair Begg of Truth For Life recently broadcast a two-part sermon, No Place for Truth.   Begg has a wonderful way of getting at the heart of a matter memorably, logically and clearly. Often, when I listen to him, something arrests my attention and I see it from a different perspective or in a new relationship. Yesterday it was this reminder in his passage on Christian concern about our culture and current events:

It will not do for us to be concerned about these issues in our culture for a lesser motive than the glory of God and the praising of His name.  It is insufficient to say “I am concerned about this because of what it will mean for my grandchildren…I am concerned about these things because of what it means for our nation being destabilized, and politically compromised, and internationally abused.”  You can be concerned about that until you die, but that is not the motivation for the proclamation of the good news of the gospel.  Not to fix our nations.  God has promised his Son the nations as his inheritance.  He is putting together a company that no one can number, from every tribe, and nation, and language and people under the sun, and he will accomplish what he has set out to do.  He has ordained men and women to salvation, and he has ordained the means whereby they will come to salvation through the proclaiming of the word of truth,  even in an environment that says “We think you’re wrong” and “We think you’re crazy.”
You can listen here and here.  (There is a little overlap).

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