Saving Lives

A friend of mine posted this challenge recently:

“I love my guns! However, I would gladly give them up IF the USA passes a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion. 3,500 preborns are killed EACH day in the USA thru abortion. This is true carnage and yet it receives NO press. Abortion is a very gruesome and barbarous process. Any takers on my offer?”

I have many friends who are in favor of legal abortions AND stricter gun control. It is so hard for most of us to understand the opposing view in these two issues. My friend’s challenge comes the closest I’ve heard to bridging that gap.
I checked the CDC statistics on abortions, violent deaths by gunshot and suicides by gunshot (in only our country). They are stunning and sobering. I wish I had a visual.
2012: 699,202 abortions
2013:    11,208 homicides related to gun violence
             21,175 suicides by guns
If these numbers were in a pie chart or graph the gun related violence would be hard to find.

699,202  abortions, and a total of 32,383 gun related deaths

The gun related deaths are 4.63% of the number of deaths by abortion.
What is wrong with us that some of us celebrate the right to kill 700 THOUSAND pre-born babies in just one year?


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