A Place to Stand

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I am trying to be ruthless in selecting “just a few” books to travel north with me for the next five months.  After all, I do have at least a few up there already.  So, leafing through one of my favorites I came across this passage about the logic of Christian faith:

The key to the logic of belief lies in finding a firm place from which to operate.  Since the necessity of such a starting point has long been recognized in both mathematics and science, it is reasonable that the same should be true in dealing with the questions that affect human life most deeply..Every set of logically connected propositions leads us back finally to some primitive proposition.  The primary proposition for the Christian, his ultimate act of faith, is the trustworthiness of Jesus Christ.  It is here that the Christian finds a place to stand.  Because of this logical structure, the epigraph of this chapter is the famous affirmation of Archimedes. [Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.]  Being the inventor of both the lever and the pulley, Archimedes seemed to the king of Syracuse and his other contemporaries able to accomplish wonders, but there was, he said, one necessary condition.  The fulcrum had to be firm.

Copyrighted in 1969, this book is not out of date for anyone who wants to think about ultimate things, truth, and reality. The author’s hope “is that the book will be assistance to the ordinary seeker who is trying to be intellectually honest.”  I recommend.  It can be purchased inexpensively here:

Unless I lend it to someone I’ll be packing it.


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