Pendragon’s Heir


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 6.37.23 AMI’ve been enjoying Suzannah Rowntree’s blog for several years now so when she published Pendragon’s Heir , her first novel, I bought it.  Suzannah says that she worked on the book for ten years.  I’m glad she kept at it.  I found the story engrossing, but especially loved journeying into the medieval world in which “dreams and ideals were more important and more solid than anything else in the world.” I came away with a new appreciation for Knights and Crusaders, men and women driven by honor, truth, purpose and self-sacrifice.  It affirmed something I believe, that Ultimate things are worth living for, and worth dying for as well.
From the author:
My aim in Pendragon’s Heir is not so much to use the Arthurian legends to construct something new, or to provide a faithful picture of any particular historical time, as it is to go back to the original Middle-English balls and romances to demonstrate for my generation something of the purpose those original tales might have had for theirs.  Accordingly, I have done precious little research into historical or any other kind of fact, for which I can give only a half-hearted apology.  My focus has not been on fact and history, but on fiction, philosophy, and ideals; not on what the medievals did, but on what they thought, what they believed, and above anything else what they hoped to leave as a legacy to future generations.”


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