Harmonious in a different way




Version 2I enjoy Sacred Harp music, the history, the people, listening to it, but especially singing it.  From our Savannah Sacred Harp’s group came a link to this informative 20 minute radio program which also includes some “raucous, energetic” singing.  The song at the end is one we sing and I like it. The text is reassuring for sure, but I also like that alto measure where we sing fa, mi, la …”sweet accord”.   Called “The Better Land” and on page 454 (the way Sacred Harp songs are called), here is the text:

Verse 1:  The road to glory seems so long,  And sorrows often take my song.  

Refrain:  I’m going to a better land, Where troubles are unknown, All sorrow will be gone,  We’ll sing around the throne in sweet accord, Adoring Jesus, our dear Lord.

Verse 2:  From Jesus’ side I will not stray, I know He’ll guide me all the way.

Verse 3:  I know it is not very far, to Heaven where my treasures are.

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