Creed or Chaos

I finally read Dorothy L. Sayers’ “Creed or Chaos” and hope my Christian and non-Christian friends will take time to read it too.  It’s not that long, and she writes so clearly and logically.  From that speech:

“…“Take away theology and give us some nice religion” has been a popular slogan for so long that we are likely to accept it, without inquiring whether religion without theology has any meaning. And however unpopular I may make myself, I shall and will affirm that the reason why the churches are discredited today is not that they are too bigoted about theology, but that they have run away from theology.”

Speaking to “nominal” Christians (basically those who call themselves by the name but do not want to it adhere to doctrine) she says:

“But if Christian dogma is irrelevant to life, to what, in Heaven’s name, is it relevant?—since religious dogma is in fact nothing but a statement of doctrines concerning the nature of life and the universe.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 1.30.17 PM


“That you cannot have Christian principles without Christ is becoming increasingly clear because their validity as principles depends on Christ’s authority (my emphasis)…
The central dogma of the Incarnation is that by which relevance stands or falls. If Christ were only man, then he is entirely irrelevant to any thought about God; if he is only God, then he is entirely irrelevant to any experience of human life. It is, in the strictest sense, necessary to the salvation of relevance that a man should believe rightly the Incarnation of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Unless he believes rightly, there is not the faintest reason why he should believe at all. And in that case, it is wholly irrelevant to chatter about Christian principles.”

Sayers was a multi-talented lady who, among other things, wrote the Lord Peter Whimsey mysteries.  Check her out.


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