Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts

I have finished reading Jerry Bridges’ “Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts.”  I am adding it to my short list of favorite, and most helpful books on the subjects of suffering, waiting, and trusting God.  Suffering  is a part of life, and the consequence of our fallen humanity.  Christians, though, have the wonderful assurances of God to help us in suffering and waiting.  In this book Jerry Bridges methodically runs through the reasons we can trust God: His sovereignty, wisdom and love.  Here are a few of my highlighted passages:

  1.  “God is trustworthy.  The whole idea of trusting God is, of course, based upon the fact that God is absolutely trustworthy.  That is why we spent twelve chapters of this book studying the sovereignty, wisdom, and love of God.  We must be firmly grounded in those scriptural truths if we are to trust Him.”
  2. “Trust is not a passive state of mind.  It is a vigorous act of the soul by which we choose to lay hold on the promises of God and cling to them despite the adversity that at times seeks to overwhelm us.”
  3. “Trusting God is not a matter of my feelings but of my will.  I never feel like trusting God when adversity strikes, but I can choose to do so even when I don’t feel like it.  That act of the will, though, must be based on belief, and belief must be based on truth.”
  4. “Acceptance does not mean that we do not pray….We should indeed pray for those things, but we should pray in a trusting way.  We should realize that, though God can do all things, for infinitely wise and loving reasons, He may not do that which we pray that He will do.  How do we know how long to pray?  As long as we can pray trustingly, with an attitude of acceptance of His will, we should pray as long as the desire remains.”
  5. “How full of consolation is the doctrine, that infinite wisdom directs every event, brings order out of confusion, and light out of darkness, and, to those who love God, causes all things, whatever be their present aspect and apparent tendency, to work together for good.”
  6. “God’s plan for us is not contingent upon our decisions.  God’s plan is not contingent at all. God’s plan is sovereign.  It includes our foolish decisions as well as our wise ones.”

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