God is very great and we are very small

    I know little about Mark Jones, but I am familiar with J.I. Packer.  Packer’s book, Knowing God is a favorite of mine.  Here linked is a brief, good conversation about cultivating awe of God in his people.  In it Packer says that he is concerned that corporate worship often, perhaps most often, doesn’t encourage the awe of God, but rather is focused on our own needs and feelings.  He says:
“You don’t get awe until you begin to cultivate the sense that God is very great and you are very small.”
   Packer also talks about individual Christians placing a priority on cultivating God-centered habits, focused on Christ, the Trinity, grace, and glory.  He says “The reason [these habits] are not being formed, is quite simply, that we are not even trying to form them.”
   Another problem Packer identifies is that 21st Century people “are not encouraged to think systematically and at length about anything or anybody.  Our culture encourages us all to have butterfly minds flitting from one thought to another without going deep into anything…We don’t challenge each other very much to stop being butterfly-minded 21st century men and women.”
    I am eternally grateful to friends and family who HAVE encouraged me to think on these things.    One day my life will end.   On that day only the Eternal will be important.  In the meantime, Mark Jones’ book sounds like it is worth reading.

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