Two at a time

Spurgeon with cigar

From Charles Swindoll’s “Hope Again:”

Despite all his strengths and noble accomplishments…a great deal of criticism was leveled against Spurgeon in his day.  Like Martin Luther, he seemed to thrive in the storm.  He was a man I would call unflappable.  While he was criticized for a number of things in his preaching, the two things he was criticized for in his private life are curious.

First, he loved a good cigar:  One of my favorite stories goes back to an occasion when a man called on him and criticized his cigar smoking.  Spurgeon’s response was classic:  “When I take this to an extreme, then I will stop.”  When the man asked, “What is an extreme?” Spurgeon replied with a twinkle in his eye, “Two cigars at one time.”

[The other private criticism was leveled against him and his wife …because, out of their own funds, they purchased and enjoyed an extremely large home on a sizable acreage.]

There is a section of the Spurgeon website dedicated to his cigar habit and correspondence.  From this:

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 9.45.38 AM


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