My warrant is the Word of God

Bourgeois_Joseph_recognized_by_his_brothersA while ago I read Alistair Begg’s book “The Hand of God: Finding His care in all Circumstances.” The backdrop is the old testament story of Joseph. In spite of betrayal, enslavement, injustice, imprisonment, loss of family and country, Joseph remained true to God and God was with Him.    If you don’t know the story I hope you will read it  (Genesis 37-47).  Toward the end we see Joseph’s brothers, who have been forgiven, doubting the sincerity of Joseph’s assurances of pardon.  Noting that some believers also struggle with doubts about God’s forgiveness Begg says:

“These thoughts come in large measure because people do not submit what they feel emotionally to the reality of what they know intellectually.  Martin Luther knew something of this when he wrote:
For feelings come and feelings go, now feelings are deceiving.

My warrant is the word of God, naught else is worth believing.

Though all my heart should feel condemned for want of some sweet token,

there is One greater than my heart whose Word cannot be broken.”

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