pentecostThis year I have read one book specifically on the Holy Spirit, Greer’s “Jesus Continued: Why the Holy Spirit Inside is better than Jesus Beside You.”  I’ve also watched a wonderful DVD from Ligonier Ministries, “Who is the Holy Spirit” taught by Sinclair Ferguson.  Both of them demystified the third person of the Trinity for me, and I am grateful.

This coming weekend, in the church calendar, is Pentecost.  As a choir member in a Presbyterian church I will be wearing a red stole (I think that is what it is called) for the only week all year.  It is symbolic for Pentecost, when, after Jesus left, God sent the Holy Spirit to the first Christians (and to the rest of us as well!)….tongues of fire.

One of the  choral pieces we’ve been rehearsing, and I think we will be singing it, has text written by D. Elton Trueblood.  Here it is:

Thou, O Christ, who came to kindle,

Now ignite us with Thy fire;

While the earth resists Thy burning,

with Thy passion us inspire.

Overcome our sinful calmness,

Make us know our share of blame.

Baptize with Thy fiery Spirit,

Crown our lives

With tongue of flame!

Thou who in Thy holy purpose

Wills that man should truly live.

Grant us grace to be Thy servants,

Our tranquility forgive.

Teach us courage in all strife.

Shame our vision by Thine own abundant life.

Thou who does a sword deliver

rather than a placid peace.

By Thy sharpened word disturb us,

From complacency, release!

Save us from our satisfaction

When we personally are free

yet are undisturbed in spirit

from our brother’s misery!

Crown our lives with tongues of flame!

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