Experiencing the Holy Spirit in the Word of God

J. D. Greear has written an excellent (in my opinion) book, “Jesus Continued: Why the Spirit Inside You is better than Jesus Beside You.”

From the chapter entitled the same as this blog:

All of us enter seasons in which we wonder, What is God’s will for me in this situation?   We fear that if we make the wrong decision, we’ll mess ourselves up for life—like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books..


…we wait for that “peace that passes all understanding” to show that God is pleased with our choice…..I once heard a well-known Christian teacher say that any time you have a “restlessness” in your spirit, you should consider it an indication that you are getting out of God’s will.  Really? I am a type-A, overly analytical person, which means I always have a “restlessness in my spirit” about any decision I make
Is “peace in your heart” really proof that God wants you to make a certain decision?  I remain… skeptical about that.  First, people often tell me about some colossally stupid decision that, at the time, filled them with perfect peace.  I’ve done that too.  Second, I made some of the best decisions of my life filled with fear and trembling.  Third, I see in Scripture an enemy whose whole goal is precisely to give us “peace” about spectacularly wretched decisions….Fourth (and most important), I see nothing in Scripture telling us to look for peace in our hearts as proof the Spirit is behind something…
The most reliable guide to the will of God is the Word of God…The Spirit primarily guides us to obey God’s revealed commands, adopt His values, and become the kind of people He wants us to be…(not some weird, superstitious manipulation of the Word, either–just adherence to its plain meaning)…
      [John Newton’s counsel to a friend]:
      The word of God is not to be used as a lottery: nor is it designed to
      instruct us by shreds and scraps, which detached from their proper
      places, have no determinate import; but it is to furnish us with just
      principles, right apprehensions to regulate our judgments and
      affections, and thereby to influence and direct our conduct
      ….By treasuring up the doctrines, precepts, promises, examples,
      and exhortations of Scripture, in their minds…[believers] grow into
      a habitual frame of spiritual wisdom, and acquire a gracious taste,
      which enables them to judge of right and wrong with a degree of
      readiness and certainty, as a musical ear judges of sounds…
      And the Lord, whom they serve, does not disappoint their
      expectations [for specific divine guidance].  He leads them by a right
      way, preserves them from a thousand snares, and satisfies them
      that He is and will be their guide even unto death.

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