The Kirk

This weekend my church here will celebrate a “Kirkin’ o’ the Tartans.”  I have attended several of these services.  The service always reinvigorates my belief in the communion of the saints, it reminds me all Christians are part of God’s church from all eternity.  I find that astounding.  Our minister reminds us that “The old Gaelic word for church is Kirk.  In this service, we carry the Clan colors to church for a blessing.  Clan (originally Clann) means children.  Some of us are children of Scottish Clans; all of us are children of the church.”
In spite of the wonderful pageantry (bagpipes, beadle, honor guard, tartans) this is primarily a worship service.  Here is the confession of faith we will use, taken from the “Scots Confession:”

As we believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, so we firmly believe that from the beginning there has been, now is, and to the end of the world shall be, one Kirk, that is to say, one company and multitude of men chosen by God, who rightly worship and embrace Him by true faith in Jesus Christ, who is the only Head of the Kirk, even as it is the body and spouse of Christ Jesus.  This Kirk is catholic, that is, universal, because it contains the chosen of all ages, of all realms, nations, and tongues, be they of the Jews or be they of the Gentiles, who have communion and society with God the Father, and with His Son, Christ Jesus, through the sanctification of His Holy Spirit.  It is therefore called the communion, not of profane persons but of saints, who, as citizens of the Heavenly Jerusalem, have the fruit of inestimable benefits, one God, one Lord Jesus, one faith, and one baptism.  Out of this Kirk there is neither life nor eternal felicity….This Kirk is invisible, known only to God, who alone knows whom He has chosen, and includes both the chosen who are departed, the Kirk triumphant, those who yet live and fight against sin and Satan, and those who shall live thereafter.

I will carry the Bruce (Brus) tartan.  If you would like to see our bulletin it can be found here:


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