Doctrine and Truth

spurgeonAlthough Charles Haddon Spurgeon preached and taught over one hundred years ago he sounds very contemporary.

This comes from a sermon, “The Broken Fence:”

…Solid doctrines have to be learned.  A religion which is all excitement, and has little instruction in it, may serve for transient use; but for permanent life-purposes there must be a knowledge of those great doctrines which are fundamental to the gospel system.  I tremble when I hear of a man’s giving up, one by one, the vital principles of the gospel and boasting of his liberality.  I hear him say, “These are my views, but others have a right to their views also.”  That is a very proper expression in reference to mere “views,” but we may not thus speak of Truth itself as revealed by God:  that is one and unalterable, and all are bound to receive it.  It is not your view of truth, for that is a dim thing; but the very truth itself with will save you if your faith embraces it.  I will readily yield my way of stating a doctrine, but not the doctrine itself….the truth itself must never be given up.

There is a new documentary on Spurgeon, which I enjoyed,  that can be viewed free here:


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