Freedom of Religion

 Lacking a clear sense of religion as a way of life, as an area of articulate membership, of status and collective meaning, man is not likely to to care for long whether he is free or not free in religious pursuits….

In any event, despots have never worried about religion that is confined mutely to individual minds. It is religion as community, or rather as a plurality of communities, that has always bestirred the reprisals of rulers engaged in the work of political tyranny.  Read more:

And from one of those despots: “We’ll see to it that the Churches cannot spread abroad teachings in conflict with the interests of the State. We shall continue to preach the doctrine of National Socialism, and the young will no longer be taught anything but the truth.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 62

Today, in the United States of America there are those who want to tell the church what it can and cannot teach.  They want believers to modify their behavior to cultural norms.  We need to understand this is not innocuous.  We need to be steadfast.  We need to be prepared to suffer, like our fellow believers down through the ages.


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