Into the Liquid Light

When I first entertained the idea of writing a blog I had recently fallen in love with the phrase “into the liquid light,” in C. S. Lewis’ “That Hideous Strength.”  To me, it symbolized being totally embraced by pure, healing love.  Somehow, for Jane,  entering in that light was a choice, and yet at the same time the warm, bright light seemed irresistible.  I had never before thought of light as “liquid” and I thought that, more than light energy, the notion of fluidity was soft, all encompassing, seeking out even hidden places.  “Into the Liquid Light” was my favorite choice for a blog title because I hoped to write about things, always under the influence of the everlasting embrace by which I am held in Jesus Christ.  When I finally wrote my first post I could not bring myself to adopt  C. S. Lewis’ words.  It just seemed awfully presumptuous.   I have reconsidered, because it really is what I wanted to say, and I think Lewis won’t mind too much.   IMG_6357


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